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Pozzolan Limewash

Pozzolan Limewash

A specially formulated limewash that’s strong on adhesion and tough on protection.
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Pozzolan limewash is a high performance coating specially developed and manufactured to incorporate a unique adhesion promoter. Thanks to these adhesive properties it is also recommended for use as an initial primer coat which can be treated with a further 2 coats of our Traditional Limewash.

Strong adhesion: Pozzolan Limewash has been specially formulated over many years and achieves its adhesive properties through the inclusion of tiny glass beads (which replace the odorous tallow used traditionally to increase waterproofing), pale boiled linseed oil and traces of natural, pure salt to deliver an external coating that both protects and decorates exterior surfaces.

Highly protective, easy application: These unique ingredients aid the performance and adhesive qualities of the coating and help create a long lasting bond that will not flake, peel or blister. The linseed oil provides enhanced protective qualities and makes the Limewash slightly thinner, allowing for easier application and penetration on mixed substrates.

Mould and fungi inhibitor: The addition of pure, natural salt may sound unusual, however the Ph value of salt means it is a natural killer of insects and fungi.  It is therefore ideal for exterior use on the north side of buildings which are shaded from sunlight and tend not to dry out during winter months. It also helps maintain the coatings natural colour and prevents it turning green when exposed to rain and weathering.

Resistant to water, heat, scratches and most stains: Pozzolan Limewash can be applied to a range of external surfaces including brickwork, flint and concrete render, as well as most natural stone.  It can also be applied over most weathered emulsions and other non-porous surfaces, without the need to remove them.

Developed over many years, Pozzolan Limewash has become increasingly popular due to its protective nature, being resistant to water, heat, scratches and most stains. In addition, it has a long shelf life and can be stored for many years in a tightly sealed container.

Pozzolan Limewash is availble in a wide variety of different colours see our colour listings below./p>


Pozzolan Limewash
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