Limewash Paint

Traditional Limewash Paint used to Protect and Decorate Buildings for Centuries.

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Limewash FAQ’s

Q: What is limewash used for?
The most common surfaces to be limewashed are new lime plaster/render, new cementitious based plaster/render, and a mixture of both or previously limewashed surfaces. However, you can use Pozzolan Limewash on wood. If you need advice on how to limewash wood please contact our technical team. Also talk to our technical team if you would like to know can limewash be used on concrete.

Q: Can limewash be removed?
You can remove limewash paint using a pressure washer, or by hand, with a bucket of water and a stiff nylon brush. Limewash however is formulated to soak into the substrate. If you would like to know the answer to questions like can limewash be removed from brick, please contact our technical team.

Q: Can limewash be sprayed on?
If you are looking for information on lime wash and how to apply, look no further. You should apply limewash using a quality masonry brush. Spraying is not recommended.

Q: Can limewash be tinted?
Yes, limewash can be tinted. If our professional in-house tinting facilities we can colour match to any popular designer colours as well as industry standard shades.

Q: What can limewash be painted over?
Internally, our Internal Limewash is suitable for going over emulsion. Externally, our Pozzolan Limewash can coat most substrates outside. Our External Limewash is suitable to coat previously lime washed areas and lime render.

Q: Can limewash be used indoors?
If you are looking for a interior lime wash paint, see our Interior Limewash. Have a look at our Application Guide for tips including how to limewash brick fireplaces.

Q: How long will limewash last?
Limewash is expected to last approximately 8 years depending on application and location of the building. For example, a house on a hill will be subject to more weathering than a house in a valley surrounded by trees. However, we have had customers limewash paint lasting 20 years!

Q: Where can I buy limewash paint?
If you are looking at where to get limewash paint, look no further! The Traditional Paint Company can deliver nationwide.