Emulsified Linseed Oil Paint

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Linseed Oil can be obtained by squeezing the seeds of flax and is extremely environmentally friendly. Unlike other conventional paints that contain solvents and other harmful substances, Linseed Oil Paint is made using natural ingredients that do not contribute to global warming. This product is commonly used by those who wish to promote a ‘greener planet’ because it is made without the use of fossil fuels.

We are able to produce this product in virtually any colour you can dream of.

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Emulsified Linseed Oil Paint is made primarily of linseed oil and can be mixed to produce a variety of different colours.

The Traditional Paint Company specialise in bringing you only the best in interior and exterior paints. We pride ourselves with only supplying products that we would use ourselves. Emulsified Linseed Oil Paint is an eco-friendly, wood oil, that dries to form a durable, silk, matt finish. It is ideal for use on a variety of wooden surfaces. You can apply this product to a wide range of hardwood and softwood surfaces. This includes exotic woods. Customers can apply this paint on both horizontal or vertical surfaces.

Being solvent-free and based on natural oils means you can use Emulsified Linseed Oil Paint internally as well as externally. We use no harmful ingredients to produce this paint. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about ventilation during the application process, as there is little odour. Because no solvents have been used to manufacture this paint, the drying time is somewhat longer than conventional wooden paints. It will dry primarily via oxidation. The drying conditions should be warm so the process is faster. The coating doesn’t cure well in colder conditions.

Unlike conventional paints that will degrade or crack after approximately 5 years, Linseed Oil Paint has a long-lasting life of over 15 years when used internally and anywhere up to 15 years when used externally. You should be careful when applying Linseed Oil Paint as it is different from conventional paints that get thinner during the drying process. Linseed Oil actually gets thicker so you should ensure you apply the coating quite thinly in order to avoid pools of paint, which are more common on horizontal surfaces.

Emulsified Linseed Oil Paint is  breathable paint when applied on bare wood.


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The Traditional Paint Company Linseed Oil Emulsion Product Data Sheet
The Traditional Paint Company Linseed Oil Emulsion Safety Data Sheet
The Traditional Paint Company Linseed Oil Emulsion Application Guidelines


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