Mapei Mape-Antique Rinzaffo

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A salt-resistant, transpirant breathable scratch coat traditional mortar, based on lime and Eco-Pozzolan.

Available in 20 Kg. For bulk quantities please contact us for a quotation.

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Mapei Mape-Antique Rinzaffo is a salt-resistant, transpirant scratch coat mortar, based on lime and Eco-Pozzolan. Used as first layer when applying de-humidifying, transpirant and structural Mapei renders.

Best Uses

Mape-Antique Rinzaffo is a pre-blended, cement-free scratch-coat mortar in powder form made from lime, Eco-Pozzolan, natural sand, special additives and micro-fibres. Suitable for use within a Mapei breathable render system for exterior masonry applications.

Mapei Mape-Antique Rinzaffo is ideal for repairing old masonry deteriorated by the presence of capillary rising damp, on traditional buildings of historical and artistic interest. This traditional render for historic buildings is also ideal for repairing masonry deteriorated by the disintegrating action of concentrated salts. Mape-Antique Rinzaffo is also suitable for the rebuilding of old lime-based render deteriorated by the action of atmospheric agents and environmental conditions or by ageing.

Mape-Antique Rinzaffo must be used as the first layer within a Mapei render system for:

  • Internal and/or external macroporous, dehumidifying render on walls with capillary rising damp
  • Dehumidifying render on stone, brick, tuff or mixed masonry with saline efflorescence
  • Dehumidifying render on masonry in lagoon areas or close to the sea
  • New dehumidifying render or reconstructing old lime-based render on stone, brick, tuff and mixed masonry, including on buildings of historical and artistic interest with a conservation order or under the protection of the National Trust
  • New transpirant and “structural” render on particularly difficult masonry, such as in stone or mixed material, or on masonry which is porous or weak

Mape-Antique Rinzaffo forms a salt resistant, transpirant scratch-coat mortar with a semi-fluid consistency which is easy to apply by trowel or with a rendering machine on both vertical surfaces and ceilings.

When used as the first layer for de-humidifying, transpirant and “structural” render, Mape-Antique Rinzaffo improves the bond, even out the absorption of substrates and slows down the transfer of salts. The properties of mortar made using Mape-Antique Rinzaffo, such as mechanical strength, modulus of elasticity and porosity, are very similar to mortar made using lime, lime-pozzolan and hydraulic lime originally used in the construction of old buildings.

This modernised tradition render however benefits from being resistant to soluble salts, freeze-thaw cycles, the leaching action of rainwater, alkali-aggregate reactions and the formation of cracks caused by plastic shrinkage.

To get a full render system specified for your individual circumstance, contact us.


Prepare and apply as per data sheet instructions depending on application technique. Apply via Rendering Machine or Trowel.

Apply a layer of Mape-Antique Rinzaffo approximately 5 mm thick to completely cover the substrate to be rendered, starting from the lower part of the wall.

Data Sheets


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