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Classidur Tradition Also Known As Classidur AF Mat

Classidur Tradition Also Known As Classidur AF Mat

Available in 12.5 Litres
£200.85 (£241.02 Inc VAT)

Classidur Tradition is an industry leading product, that has been specially formulated by the paint specialists Classidur, and used widely across the UK and Europe.

This innovatively designed product has been manufactured to the highest standard, based on a unique blend of polymerised and solvent based resins, that will not fade or yellow over time, when exposed to sunlight. Approved by English Heritage and Churches nationwide, for the application to walls and ceilings found internally in historic buildings, such as; Churches, Cathedrals, Castles, Museums and Listed Buildings. 

Classidur Tradition offers the combined properties of conventional primers and topcoats put together, with excellent stain blocking qualities and high opacity that works to cover up nicotine, soot, water stains and damages caused by fire and smoke. Usually you would need to remove these stains, which can require a vigorous process, before covering up the remains with a high quality primer. With Classidur Tradition you literally possess the ultimate interior paint that blocks all stains to a far more superior standard than ordinary blocking paints. Once applied to the surface, you need not worry about stains bleeding through the coating, as Tradition offers amazing long-term protection to this problem.

Tradition is one of only a few coatings designed for application in damp and humid environments, such as the food industry, laundry rooms, industrial kitchens and abattoir. With its protection of mould infestation and high resistance to swelling it is also perfectly suited for application in breweries, bakeries, swimming pool enclosures, changing rooms, gyms, cellars, and basements.

This brilliant product has been formulated in such a way to combine all the technical properties of 2 or 3 high performance paints, offering a supreme flat, matt coating that will not crack or peel over time. This is due to the high quality zero tension properties it possesses.

Historic and Listed buildings are built using various materials, consequently Classidur Tradition has been purposely developed in a way that adapts to each and every surface it is applied to. Whether concrete, plaster, mortar, lime wash, whitewash or chalking materials, this revolutionary substance forms a zero tension coating without putting any extra pressure/tension to compromise the sometimes original decorations that adheres fantastically well to each and every surface. The cost may be off putting but you will come to realise that the product you are purchasing undoubtedly brings all the cards to the table; surface protection, decoration, water resistance, zero-tension, high opacity; mould resistance and fast-drying properties.


Classidur Tradition Also Known As Classidur AF Mat
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