Pure Linseed Oil Paint

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The Traditional Paint Company Pure Linseed Oil Paint is formulated from pure boiled linseed oil which is then combined with pigments for colouring and drying additives. This makes for an extremely environmentally friendly product. The paint has excellent opacity with high resistance to water, it is also extremely flexible making it resistant to crack or splitting over time. These combined attributes make for a highly durable and long-lasting coating with a gloss finish.

We are able to produce this product in virtually any colour you can dream of.

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The Traditional Paint Company Pure Linseed Oil Paint is a solvent-free highly flexible and durable paint. Benefits from a gloss finish that is ideal for the protection of woodwork.

Due to its natural and traditional formulation Pure Linseed oil paint is not available in vibrant bright colours, but is available in black white and most pastel tones. We can also colour match this product to most RAL, BS and NCS colour codes. Another effect of this natural formulation is extending drying time, the paint can take up to 2 weeks to cure depending on the weather condition.

Best Uses

The Traditional Paint Company pure linseed oil paint can be applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces both internally and externally. This paint is ideal for the decoration and protection of hardwoods, softwoods, previously painted items, window frames doors, windowsills, external timber, fences, sheds, summer houses, timber cladding, garden furniture, timber structures plus many more

Pure Linseed Oil Paint is  breathable paint when applied on bare wood.


For best application, apply via brush, by working into the surface. To prepare the substrate for painting, first lightly abrade the surface to produce a key. Remove all dust, then clean and degrease the surface. Ensuring the surface is free from any dirt loose particles or contamination.

Traditionally, painters would apply a fine coat of pure boiled linseed oil first to increase the adhesion of the paint. This is an optional priming coat as the paint will still be durable without this first coat. Apply in thin coats to the surface, rather than in one thick coating.

Take care with the application as materials and soiled rags as they may self-ignite without warning. Dispose of safely by lying flat and allow to dry or clean with warm soapy water to avoid fire risks.


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00-E-53, 00-E-55, Appleton Thorn, Apsley, Beaulieu, Blue Anchor, Bournside, Briary Wood, Brockenhurst, Burwash, Catherington, Chaldon Down, Chipstable, Christchurch, Church White, Cleobury, Cold Ash, Cornish Clay, Crockley Clay, Ellington, Ellisfield, Espresso, Halvergate, Hillsley, Loddington, Lulworth, Lymington, Marsh Benham, Mickleton, Moreleigh, Nancedra, Nutley, Offley, Owlsmoor, Padstow, Sherborne, Summertom, Waterdene, White Linen, Yanworth

Data Sheets

The Traditional Paint Company Pure Linseed Oil Paint Product Data Sheet
The Traditional Paint Company Pure Linseed Oil Paint Safety Data Sheet
The Traditional Paint Company Pure Linseed Oil Paint Application Guidelines


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