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Interior Limewash

Interior Limewash

A high Quality, Interior Limewash brought to you by The Traditional Paint Company.
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Please note, this product has a 21 day lead time for delivery.

The Traditional Paint company brings you a high quality, decorative, Internal Limewash Paint, specially developed for use on interior surfaces like walls and ceilings. Available in a range of different colours, this Limewash paint is an increasingly popular product that can be used on most hard surfaces found internally, offering a finish similar to that of a washed out emulsion.

Internal Limewash can be applied to a number of internal surfaces including, Lime Render, Lime Plaster, Concrete, Lavaplast Walls and Stoothing surfaces and is commonly applied to walls and ceilings where a non-blistering finish is desired. Internal Limewash is highly water permeable and because of this will not flake, peel or blister, however due to being non-elastomeric will sometimes crack, which is ideal for use in old buildings for an ancient, old-fashioned finish. Limewash can’t be applied to surfaces that have been coated with emulsion or gloss, and these coatings should first be removed prior to the application of Limewash.

Quite often in older buildings, surfaces can become particularly dusty and will be prone to a build up that looks unsightly, as well as being very unhygienic. Surfaces coated with Internal Limewash are extremely stable and work to resist dust build up to keep the surfaces clean and fresh. This product offers a degree of flexibility but will not stretch when walls or ceilings move, so small cracks can appear. Some people find this property quite appealing as the combination of the finish with small cracks can look highly decorative when used in the right environment.

A lot of Limewash products are made using a substance called Tallow, which is an animal fat used to aid adherence in the application/drying process. Internal Limewash is made without tallow, and instead, PVA glue is used as an alternative. This is because products made with tallow can often be very smelly and sometimes brush off on clothes, making it less popular for use in internal paints. The Traditional Paint Company have produced our Internal Limewash purposely without the use of Tallow so that it doesn’t give out an excessive odour and allows for a comfortable application process.


Interior Limewash
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