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Oil Bound Distemper

Oil Bound Distemper

Available in 5 Litres
£50.00 (£60.00 Inc VAT)

Oil Bound Distemper is an environmentally friendly product made from natural ingredients, including gelatine, natural linseed oil and casein, and is most commonly used in victorian style buildings where a quality interior decoration is desired. The thing that makes this product different from conventional emulsion paints is how it dries to an un-uniform finish with a variety of different subtle tones that look aesthetically pleasing when dry.

You can apply Oil Bound Distemper to a variety of different surfaces found internally, primarily walls and ceilings. Properly prepared plastered walls, concrete surfaces, brickwork surfaces and asbestos surfaces are among the best substrates in which to apply this product to, as it dries to form a hard finish. Oil Bound Distemper is ideal for use on inclement surfaces, which means a surface that will change or vary in condition or temperature easily. The coating works to battle against the inclement surface and maintain is natural performance regardless of the state of the wall or ceiling.

One of the main properties of Oil Bound Distemper is that it contains rabbit skin glue, which has been used as a natural adhesive for many years. Adhesion is a vital property for any high quality paint that you want to bond with the surface for a long time. For any internal paint it is important that the natural appearance is maintained and that the coating will not flake, blister or crack when exposed to difficult conditions. In old Victorian buildings, conditions can often become wet and cold when exposed to differing humidities, which is due to the buildings oftern being  constructed without a damp proof membrainin.

Oil Bound Distemper has become increasingly popular over the last couple of decades, as victorian building owners seek to restore the walls and furniture to their original state. With a soft-matt finish, this product can be applied using a brush or roller, with two coats being necessary to ensure the perfect finish.


Oil Bound Distemper
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