Classidur Modern Plus

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Developed especially for use internally, Classidur Modern Plus is innovatively designed to be used without an undercoat, primer or sealer. It is suitable for application directly onto any dry, sound substrate. This includes plaster, concrete, mortar, chalking materials, distemper, whitewash and many other surfaces. Modern Plus works excellently to cover up stains with a rapid curing system that is touch to dry after only a couple of hours.

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Classidur Modern Plus White is a high quality, stain blocking, solvent-based, matt coating. Includes special polymerised resins, specifically for interior use.

Classidur Modern Plus is ideal for painting over difficult stains that you cannot remove by simple cleaning. This can include nicotine, soot or water stains. Stains like bitumen, alkaline products, felt-tip pen marks, and wood preservative containing xylene and creosote should be monitored carefully due to their special composition which may cause them to not be permanently covered. In this event, apply two coats. However you should only use Modern Plus to apply a second coat due to its complex characteristics and rapid hardening.

Highly suited for interior applications, Classidur Modern plus is highly resistant to abrasion and the effects it can have on a surface coating. As well as this, this paint is non-saponifiable meaning it will not decompose or degrade over time when exposed to moisture.

Essentially, this product is a decorative coating. We can tint this paint with ClassiMix or most other universal tinting pastes for a different shade or colour. Once dry, Modern Plus is highly decorative and offers an aesthetically pleasing finish. You can wash the coating time and time again without the worry of damaging the coating. For the best results when using this product, you should apply 2 coats, an undercoat and a topcoat.


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Classidur Modern Plus Product Data Sheet
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